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      1. jonaskamber

        Thanks for the feedback. Did you see, that you can watch an ad to refill your lives? You can always buy lives if you can’t wait.

    1. Keith

      Hi there, I really enjoyed Swing, thanks for a great game. Hours ( too many!) of endless fun. As I have been lucky enough to get to the end I am now frustrated that I can’t replay any levels and wondered if you might consider being able to choose a level to go back to in your next update?

      1. jonaskamber

        Thanks a lot. You can choose levels by clicking on the blue «Level 99» bar on the home screen. A lot of people don’t get that, so I will redesign it.

      1. jonaskamber

        Are you on Android or iOS? If Android, I released an update yesterday that should fix the issue. If iOS, please wait for the update (it’s waiting for review by Apple).

    2. Martin Gavin

      Hi, I’ve been playing this game now for three days and I’m stuck on level 120 on cosmos, any tips to get by- great game…

      1. jonaskamber

        First, congratulations, you reached the last level (of the current version). Try to not land on the springboard with the first element and be patient with the second to land exactly in the middle. Good luck!

    1. jonaskamber

      Thanks for the feedback. Does blue make you sad? I was going for a calm feeling but didn’t think it could be perceived as sad.

    1. jonaskamber

      First, congratulations, you made it already to level 90! The trick is to place the first block with 0 degrees (or 90, 180, 270) on the two dots. Best way to do that is to wait a bit. The second block should be pretty easy to place. Good luck!

    1. jonaskamber

      Level 48 is quite hard. You need to get on the left edge of the seesaw with the first cube, let it slide (just a little bit) before placing the second cube on the left of the first cube. I hope that helps. Good luck!

      PS: It doesn’t get easier. But I’m working on a skip option right now 🙂

  1. Mark

    Ok so I played all levels now and the game was really fun. But there are some things, I would suggest you to change a bit.

    1. The random center around which the current block swings. This is really annoying especially in precision levels, when you have to wait until you randomly get a good position. Maybe you should make it to be always in the center of the screen.

    2. The physics are sometimes freaking out a little. Kind of frustrating when you finally stacked everything perfectly and then a collision glitch occurs and everything goes flying.

    3. Make it so that negative lifes don‘t count as lifes. I won‘t say how to do it here, because it‘s public, but there is a way to glitch yourself a negative life value and it will continue counting down infinitely without having to watch ads or buying extra lifes.

    4. Maybe it‘d be better to remove the life system and change it to a premium level system because I would rather spend money on having a full game I can enjoy without limits than on 25 extra tries which are gone in no time. (That would also automatically fix the previously mentioned bug)

    So yeah, I will probably play it again when there are new levels out, but only if the life system is gone because that is just ridiculously expensive if you want to play for longer than 15 minutes.

    1. jonaskamber

      Hey Mark, thank so much for taking the time to give in-depth feedback! Let me quickly jump into your points:

      1. I implemented that in the beginning and never rethought it. You might be right, the randomness brings not more enjoyment
      2. I know 🙁 I’m using a physics engine that looked very nice in the beginning but has some big flaws. Changing the engine now is quite some work, but I will think about it
      3. Oh wow, would you send me an email to to let me know how you did that?
      4. Your comment made me rethink it again. I also got a lot of 1-star-reviews because of it! Right now, I’m working on a concept that kills lives entirely, but shows an ad every 20 retries or so (remove ads for $1 or something) and an additional bonus level pack to monetize the game.

      Thanks again for your feedback, really appreciate it!

  2. Angie

    Small suggestion for the website: I got sent the link on desktop, would love to have a QR code to scan with my phone just where you have the “get it in the app store” buttons. Because the button takes me not to the iOS app store, so I have to manually search for the game on my phone. I am lazy.

    1. jonaskamber

      Thanks for the feedback. I wonder, why the button does not take you to the iOS app store, because that should be the case (and it works for me). When I would use a QR-code, it would just open that link, wouldn’t it?

      1. Angie

        Hi, sorry I can’t attach a screen shot but it says “This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.” because I think I just land in the iTunes store in the browser with no link further

          1. Angie

            Same thing (works from mobile devices, but not from desktop). I actually think once they separated the stores and took apps out of iTunes it’s become a bit more difficult to link to an app from a desktop browser. If you provide a QR code you’ll open it from the phone and no longer from the desktop…

  3. Piyush Damania

    Awesome game Jonas,no complaints ,made a perfect game , addicted to it for one week but it’s done , waiting for new levels, consider showing ads more frequently for your monetization part , it’s a really great game,you deserve more downloads and definitely a featuring in the stores ,cheers!(Any ETA on new levels would be quite exciting,also if I uninstall the app will my game progress will be lost ,if it will try to integrate Google Drive saving in your game )

    1. jonaskamber

      Hi Piyush, thanks a lot. When you delete the game, your progress will be deleted as well. I’m working on a big update, stay tuned!

  4. Mike

    Hi Jonas! I like your game! But after update my iphone 7 plus began to heat up when I play in your game. And when I push on Buy new levels nothing happens.

    1. jonaskamber

      Hi Mike, thanks for letting me know. I’m aware of the issue and I have already submitted a fix, which is in review by the App Store. I hope it will be released very soon.

  5. Martin Gavin

    I have just completed all levels in each of the categories, I found this game most enjoyable and fun. It has taken me just under a week to complete them all, but lots of hours. Please make more and thank you..

  6. Raphael

    Really great game!
    I don’t think a skip option is necessary tho. The harder the better.
    What would be fun but quite hard to implement are levels designed by the community (that we would have to test and complete before sharing them) that everyone could play and rank!

    1. jonaskamber

      I thought about that as well, I even came up with a concept 🙂 Like you said, it’s quite hard to implement. Skip button is no longer on the table 😉

  7. Franco Cavani

    Hy Jonas.
    20 december i have completed all levels in Cosmos, Asteroids and Gravity.It has taken me about a week.
    Really great game!
    Now i’m waiting for something new..!

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